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Maintenance of welding gun (flume welding equipment)

1. regularly check and replace the conductance nozzle
Because the aperture of the wear guide nozzle becomes larger, the arc is unstable, the appearance of the weld is deteriorated or the wire is sticky (refiring); the tip of the conductive nozzle is sticky with spatter, the wire will become not slippery, the nozzle is unscrewed tight, and the thread connection will be heated and welded to death.
2. regular reed and replacement of the spring hose
After long term use of the tension spring hose, a lot of iron powder, dust, and wire plating chips will be accumulated, which will make the wire feeding unstable. So regular sorting is very important, it can bend it and quietly knock, so that the accumulated objects shake off, and then blow off with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be washed with oil in the brush and then compressed with compressed air. If the tension hose is twisted or distorted, it is necessary to replace the new hose. When changing the tube, make sure that it is suitable for the diameter and length of the wire used, and there should be no burr on the cross section.
3. inspection of insulated ring
If the insulating ring is removed, the splash will be adhered to the nozzle so that the nozzle is connected with the charged part. The welding gun may be burned by a short circuit. In order to maintain uniform gas flow, insulation rings must be installed.
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