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Structure and working principle of high frequency welding equipment

High frequency welding originated in the 50s of last century. It is a new welding process that uses the skin effect and adjacent effect produced by high frequency current to butt the steel plate and other metal materials.
An electrical mechanical system for high-frequency welding. The high-frequency welding equipment is made up of high frequency welding machine and welded pipe forming machine. High frequency welding machine is usually composed of two departments of high frequency generator and feeding device. The function is to produce high frequency current and control it. The molding machine is composed of extruding roller frame. The function is to squeeze the department which is fused by high frequency current, eliminate the oxide layer and impurity on the surface of the steel plate, so that the steel plate is completely fused into one.
Because of the different welding materials and welding current of the workpiece material, the phenomenon of overheating, embrittlement, hardening or softening may be produced in the weld and heat affected zone after welding. It also reduces the function of the welding parts and worsens the weldability. This requires the adjustment of the welding precondition. The preheating of the interface of the welding parts before welding and the heat treatment after welding and welding can improve the welding parts. Welding quality.
The quality of high frequency welding directly affects the overall strength, quality grade and production speed of welded pipe products. The emergence and maturity of high frequency welding technology has directly promoted the great development of longitudinal welded pipe industry. Everything grows on the sun, and industrial production is inseparable from the Changchun high frequency brazing machine.
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