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       Jiangmen Zhicheng automation welding equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacture and sales of automatic welding equipment. The main products of the company are: manual water tank production equipment, automatic welding machine, numerical control welding equipment, industrial robot, ring seam welding machine, straight seam welding machine, profiling welding machine, automatic argon arc welding machine, barbecue furnace automatic welding machine, oil smoke automatic welding machine, and all kinds of welding machine can be customized. In the same industry in the top position of technology, we attach importance to the training of talents, the technical level is in line with the international level, and it is well known in the national enterprise welding application.All kinds of welding machines we sell ourselves have been supported by good service and life-long maintenance. This is our superiority.

Our application fields have been successfully and efficiently used in the manufacturing of various products such as environmental protection, household electrical appliances, automobile, electronics, aerospace, precision hardware, packaging, toy industry, textile industry and so on. Adhering to our fine tradition of producing ultrasonic splicer for twenty years, we are striping for perfection and achieving perfection. Sincerely to provide you with first-class service! Over the past decade, customers have received unanimous approval, recognition and support. The company also carries out professional, pragmatic, innovative, reputation and service feedback to all new and old customers.

       The automatic welding machine is designed for the four angle welding of the box parts. The argon arc welding process is used to weld the four joints at the end of the box. The pneumatic clamping positioning is accurate and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. The control interface is intelligent, automatic, efficient and safe and reliable, and the welding seam is beautiful and beautiful. It is ideal. Automatic welding machine for all kinds of box parts.

      Warm hint: the traditional welding work is short of safety, lack of efficiency, lack of health, a set of automatic welding machine equipment, to eliminate your troubles, is the necessary and right hand of your hardware industry, we sincerely hope to help you, hand in hand and progress, only a common win is the real win!


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